Consistent exercise, proper stretching and taking long soaks in the tub could eradicate the problem experienced from muscle ache for some people, however others requires somewhat more help in the sore back office. This is what brings about exercise balance ball, elastic bands and other self-massage tools like massage roller stick and massage form roller etc, but with such a range to choose from, it can be tricky to know what to try. Qualified physiotherapist and osteopath who has had more than ten years experiences distinguishing, treating and protecting health issues through exercises and body massage. They have made us think about a proposal and testing everything from exercise balance ball, elastic bands to all massage tools. Hence, these self – massage tools has their ways of usage and effectiveness. Here are some of the tools and their effect on the path of exercise of fitness.


Exercise balance ball

An exercise balance ball can be a useful tool to help enhance muscle balance and tone. Exercise balls are filled with air and comfortable to use during fitness workouts. They are strong, but are lightweights. It is common for the exercise ball to be referred to as Swiss ball, stability ball, gym ball or a yoga ball. One of the overwhelming part of the usage of an exercise balance ball is that you do not have to be a personal trainer before you can use the ball. It may be used with yoga. It is important to meet with your doctor before the commencement of a fitness exercise programs particularly if you have being diagnosed to have any injuries or medical issues. Exercise balls could to some extent be used to stretch muscles or do normal abdominal exercises. They can as well be utilized for activities that affect low oxygen consumption and quality preparing exercise schedule.


 Elastic bands

Elastic bands are made of strong, thin elastic towards the end, and arrive in a mixture of protection relying upon your level of wellness. With the elastic band, you can do somewhat much any form of strength development exercise, examples are; chest squeezes, rows, shoulder presses, triceps expansion, twisting of the biceps, and also squats – without the stressful need for heavy weights. One who is not knowledgeable about elastic bands or who is using it for the first time, such person may be astonished in respect of the amount of benefits that would be derived from what is essentially a fortified elastic band, however as is consistently the case, the most simple of all the tools are often the super best for your wellbeing.

Hence, some of the benefits derived from the usage of elastic band to exercise of fitness includes; surprising cost effectiveness, used for both a learner and an expert, exercises the whole body, tones up muscles quickly, non-complexity to use alone.


Massage tools

Massage tools comprises all the apparatus used either by a masseur or by oneself to arrive at whichever purpose of the tools being used. For instance the massage roller stick which is aimed at attaining a flexible body, reduction of pain, circulatory usage, improvement in sleeping rate, toning and repair of muscle etc. Also, the massage foam roller which is used for fast recovery, prevention from injuries, increment in the level at which you move ‘hence, making you flexible’, it could possibly be used for workouts too etc. There are some other essential massage tools which includes; still points inducers, Swedish massagers, index knobber, occipital massage tools etc.


 The consistent and proper use of these tools helps you to become fit and well exercised hence giving you a good health and less or no fitness issues.

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