IMPRIE Emergency Thermal Survival Blankets Set, Camping Hiking Highly Heat Reflective Mylar Blanket, (1, 6, 11 Pack) BONUS Whistle with Compass & Storage Bag


IMPRIE Emergency Thermal Survival Blankets Set, Camping Hiking Highly Heat Reflective Mylar Blanket, (1, 6, 11 Pack) BONUS Whistle with Compass & Storage Bag

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Our dual-sided emergency blankets are made with 120 micron heat-reflective plastic sheeting (PET film) that is coated with aluminum.
This technology was developed by NASA for the US Space Program.

Our survival mylar blankets measure 82" X 61" to easily wrap around an adult person. They are waterproof, windproof and reusable.

Our BONUS Bag is provided to fit refolded First Aid blankets.

Take our emergency thermal blanket kit hiking, camping, backpacking, biking, or exploring the wilderness.

Our BONUS Whistle with Compass, will provide additional safety in your outdoorsy explorations.

Our thermal blanketss are light and compact

Buy our mylar blankets and pack it in your backpack, leave it in your car, home, and office for "JUST IN CASE"

  • KEEP YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY PROTECTED IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY. Make sure that you and the people you love stay warm and dry in unexpected car trouble, camping trip gone wrong, sudden loss of power to your home, or an unforeseen extreme weather conditions. Our aluminized mylar blankets are perfect for reducing body heat loss. Throw our emergency survival blanket kit in the first aid and have a peace of mind.
  • PREVENT HYPOTHERMIA IN LONG DISTANCE RUNNERS AND ENDURANCE ATHLETES. Our 82' X 61' myler thermal blankets are large enough to wrap around a large adult and reflect up to 90% body heat to prevent hypothermia. Our first aid blankets are packed light in individual packages. Prevent serious health problems. Be prepared, don't be sorry.
  • LIGHT, COMPACT, AND ASSURING OF YOUR SAFETY. Emergency myler blanket's low weight and ability to pack into small spaces like glove compartments, first aid kits, or camping backpacks has made it popular with outdoor enthusiasts and emergency workers. Or heat reflective emergency blanket weights only 2oz. and measures 3" X 5" when folded. It is a worthy travel companion that you will not even feel you have.
  • VERSATILITY OF EMERGENCY MYLER THERMAL BLANKETS makes it an indispensable item to have in your possession. It could be used in emergency situation where warmth or protection from the elements is needed and other creative ways. You can redirect or block sunlight, insulate a doghouse or a sleeping bag, make a fishing lure, repel birds, use as a wind blocker or a rain poncho. Heat reflective emergency blankets are reusable, waterproof and windproof. BONUS bag is provided to store unfolded blankets.
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